This was a refoam job I did on my Infinity Kappa 6.  I would guess they were about 20 years old at the time.

I had not used the speakers in a while and they were in the basement.  I was mortified when I first saw them.

These were the only tools needed after getting the speakers out of the cabinets.


First step was to remove the trim ring.

It was simple, just snapped off with a little prying.



Then I used a screw driver to scrape the old foam off the metal frame and a mixture of the rubbing alcohol and a razor to scrape it off of the speaker cone.  (sorry no pics of that part)

Then I used the glue that was provided with the new foam to get the new foam installed. I used a little alcohol on a q tip to clean up any excess glue that I got on the cone.

And that is how it looked up close.


And that is re installed and complete.  They sound just like new.